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Just got the new Tanuki trailer up! The trailer features some of the new levels developed so far as well as some older ones. The trailer music is the main menu music used within the game.

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Today I just finished putting up the Tanuki trailer in trying to promote the game. I've also got the website design all laid out and ready to be put together and it should be put up within the next week or so.

Currently the games state is just waiting to have more levels developed. My goal is for the game to have 30 levels as well as some bonus play modes. I'm currently at 15 levels completed. After that it should be mostly testing, promoting, and getting the game up on the ios store. The code for the game is all pretty much done. I make a few tweaks to the game play here and there and fix any bugs that pop up, though most bugs seem to pop up from the layout of the levels rather than from the games code itself.

There is no telling as to when that will all get done considering I only have a few hours a day to work on the game, but it should hopefully not be too long.

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