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The new stuff include: video, images and the name!

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Previously known as WraqbysM, which was such a weird name that even I had difficulty in pronouncing it correctly, and I had written instructions for it! So a new name was required. As the mod focus changed into more Doom like, it felt ok to include Doom in the name. Nameless sounded sort of horror like and fitting nicely with Doom. Then it became Nameless Doom.

I've decided to use simpler models that are faster and more fun to do. So far it's gone quite well. There's 3 weapon models ingame with some textures, animations and sounds! The models and stuff will be somewhat inspired by original Doom stuffs, but they're not meant to be exact replicas of the sprites/etc. One of the goals of this project is that it stays compatible with Doom 1 and 2 levels, although there will be new levels too. So, something that feels a bit like Doom, but also feels like something new.

And here's the video showing the weapons in action in Doom E2M1:

If you're interested, check the mod comments page every now and then, I post my thoughts/info about the stuff I've been working on, etc. You are also welcome to post your thoughts about this mod there...


sorry, but sound effects are terrible

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TwinBeast Author

All of them? Well, I can agree that the Lance swing sound doesn't exactly fit as a lance swing sound.

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