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I have added a new ship to the game, finally deciding that ships would be cool to add. Improved some graphics and tweeked a few things. Enemy now almost fully functional.

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I have decided to add a feature I didn't think I would implement: Ships and Units.

A game where you shoot another planet with projectiles is fair enough, but that would just get a bit boring after a while. So I decided to add ships/units. At the moment, there is only one class of ship which is used to follow the planet and take shots at it. It deals a small amount of damage to the planet but a fair amount of damage to the shields (Its main use).

As well as that, I have just tweeked a few things. The planet no longer has a "stretched" looking texture. I have made it smaller so it wraps around nicer. I have also been experimenting with bump mapping and adding a separate cloud layer that rotates to simulate the cloud movement.

The enemy planet has finally been added, though I have not added the mars-like texture for it yet. At the moment, it is purely defensive and just puts up shields. I am going to work on adding the AI's offensive capabilities in time.

Unlike my previous updates, I am not putting up a new download. I will wait until I have the AI fully functional and then I can release a demo/concept of what the game will be.

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