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Hello our friends! We decided to post some news about the storyline of 2nd Version of the...

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Hello our friends!
We decided to post some news about the storyline of 2nd Version of the Modification
The story has been remade due to some new maps,and some problems
New story is:

In Cold War era,Soviets and US were cruel enemies,and West got an idea called Operation Unthinkable,that aimed to destroy the Soviets and to stop Communist Idea to expand.As the Soviet Union Collapsed,the idea was abandoned.After several years of capitalism propaganda,US initated the Operation Unthinkable nowadays on Russia,due to its instability.European Union disagreed with US,and joined Russian side,while new formed Coalition in Middle East joined US,to gain more land in Asia.With that,EU and Russia now fight together against US and its allies

With story like this,here are the good teams and bad ones:

Defenders are:

Russia (Defends itself from US invasion)
European Union (Ally of Russia)
United States (DLC) (Fights agains the Pan Asian Coalition Extension)

Attackers are:

United States (Attacked Russia in Operation Unthinkable)
Middle Eastern Coalition (Ally of US,wants to gain control on Asia)
Middle Eastern Insurgents (Insurgents from Middle East fighting for land)
Rebel Forces (Fights against Russia and helps US)
Pan Asian Coalition (DLC) (Fights to gain control on economical powers)

Neutral Position:

China (Defending its own land against enemies.Supports Russia)

Why this is the story?
We wanted the modification different compared as the others have US as good guys and Russia as bad ones.
Also to have new ideas,compared to the old one with MEC and US from Battlefield 2

Do you like our story?
Stay tuned for Extension Pack No.2 V2 to play it
Thank you for attention and see you next time
Half Way Studios

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