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This consists the possible story why you came to the Firing range and went to practice and/or the new location of the game when it starts and the feel.

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Tonight a idea snapped in my head.So i started lone wolf brainstorming.
It's 3pm and it's raining.(YOUR NAME HERE) is bored and hasn't got the thrill of shooting a gun in a while.Gun license expiring soon.Might as well go to the local shooting range have some private time with a thrill.There he goes through security,checks and weapon distributing.


It's 2011 and you are a massive combine loyalist.Although you don't wanna join them, you want to fire a gun from the old times.As a A+ class civil loyalist you request a change to gun practice as a privilege.The file was sent to the CA of City 32.After a talk, he's application was accepted and he was given this privilege.After going to the CP civil negotiation office for high classed loyalist.He was told that he had a chance to use a SMG 1 old version (MP7) a USP and other old weapons from 2008 and older.Although he is only allowed to use small arms only, he can use only grenades with a superior.

It's a rainy day outside and you go to a local firing range.Before that you greet some people.See a pub, take some bottles for practice and continue.Go to check in and get a weapon and shoot.


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