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New speed cameras are now in place to enforce speed limits around Chernarus. Read article for more details.

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Among the variety of sport cars you can choose and the possibility to equip them with tune ups kit and turbos, you can reach speeds of 350 - 400. To enforce speed limits, speed cameras were added on different locations to fight speeders. Tickets may range between 900 to 4,000 based of your speed above the limit.

When speeding in front of the camera:

  1. A logo will be displayed on your screen
  2. Auditable "click" camera sound
  3. Text will show you the speed caught and the amount of the ticket
  4. Visible camera flash at night time


thats cool , when your trying to arrest someone you should have like a spirte or something pop up on the crimals screen saying pull over etc, it has it in the gta sa mod crazybobs cops and robbers

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