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It took way longer than anticipated, but the new site is (mostly) up!

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I've been gone for the last few weeks (first vacation, then not having internet), but I'm back now. In the mean time, RaptorRed has gotten the new site up and running! The new site is much more modern, and has done away with the hideous font of the previous site.

The navigation is much cleaner and (I'm a bit biased here, with green being my favorite color) the new green-based theme is WAY better than the old red-based one. ;)

I'd like to take this moment to invite anyone who is interested in the mod to head over to our website and join our forums. We always welcome community input (we even made a special area of the forums specifically for suggestions).

In other news - update on the alpha version: Coding: 94%, Modeling: 97%, Rigging: 0%, Animation: 0%
We recruited a VERY good animator, but we weren't quite ready to get him started right away (model wasn't ready yet) and I haven't seen him around lately (though I haven't exactly been around lately either). Hopefully he hasn't grown impatient and moved on. I'll go ahead and send him an email, but we may end up needing an animator if he's committed himself to another project.

My final thoughts are: rigging shouldn't take too long, and I won't even pretend to know how long the animating will take, but the alpha is getting somewhere between "somewhat close" to possibly even "very close", depending on how long the animations take.



Good god, I'm greatly relieved to hear this. I'm still worried about the animation/mapping departments though.. <8s

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ah awesome

why dont you post screenshots here, only one screen here, people think the mod is dead!

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The_REAL_R4pt0r Author

I'll see what I can do about getting some new screenshots ;)

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