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We moved to a new server, created new forum, started work on our internal wiki - all in order to provide our players better online experience than they already had, but alas... The server betrayed us. Server IP:, port: 2238

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After 4 months of open beta testing, our old server reservation was about to expire. We decided to move to another host, to a new server, new hardware that would make it easier for everyone. The new server IP is, the port remained same old 2238. After two weeks of testing it and getting ready to migrate from the old server, everything seemed to work perfectly. The new forum was set up along with the internal Wiki, which contained all important aspects of the game. Finally, on 22nd of December we announced the migration on our blog and the new era was about to begin. In less than 24 hours, more than 200 users registered on the forum, the game was thriving and the Wiki was updated and polished...

However, just two days later, on 24th of December the hardware failed. As always, Houston [we] received the message that there is a problem with the Apollo [server]... And we could do nothing. The failure was reported back to our hosting service right away, but the technicians there were, and still are on vacation en masse. The only thing remaining was to wait for the answer from anyone remained at the hosting service. And we received one today, in which they confirmed that the server will be checked out, but nobody knows when, due to the Christmas holidays and reduced personnel. Sitting in front of our monitors, all we can do is to hope everything will be settled down as soon as possible. Until then...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Cvet and Rotators.

P.S. Thanks to everyone for their kind donations which made the migration to the new server possible. We will keep working on the game and additional features/support in order to justify your trust in this project.

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