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Winged Sakura: Mindy's Arc (WSMA), a brand new innovative strategy defense game with RPG mechanics, will be will be in stores in mid-late October! Help us get Steam Greenlit by showing us your support by upvoting our game at

Check out our brand new screenshots that we've just uploaded to IndieDB's image section!

End-game Screenshot

8/29/2014 New Screenshots

8/29/2014 New Screenshots

Data Fragments

WSMA first presents you with an empty store. As you complete levels and progress through the story, you'll obtain random loot rewards called the "Data Fragments". Data Fragments are items that will permanently unlock an item for the store to sell. Once you find the Data Fragment for a specific item, that item will be unlocked forever! You can buy the item as many times as you want.

8/29/2014 New Screenshots

Skill Tree

Your character gains a skill point every even (2, 4, 6, etc.) levels. Every distributed points can be de-allocated, allowing you to re-visit this page as often as you wish to change your playstyle or to try out a different strategy.

8/29/2014 New Screenshots

Upgrading Items

Every Weapon and Accessory in this game can be upgraded to a maximum level of 99. Upgrading items will ease the difficulty of this game and allows you to defend against more devastating waves. Our end-game content (after beating Story Mode) and Survival Mode is built to ensure end-game addictive progression. You will always be rewarded and you'll always have progression to work towards to, giving you indefinite hours of entertainment even after you've maxed out all your gears.

8/29/2014 New Screenshots


Unlocking crafting recipes require a two step process. First, you need to find a data fragment for recipe. Finally, you buy the recipe from the store. As a reward, you can craft the item as many times as your heart desires. They however require materials that are commonly found from level rewards.

More to come this September!

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