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Here are some new screenshots from the second map in the campaign.

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Here are some new screenshots from the second map in the campaign confusingly entitled "The Mutant Factor". They show off the dark and oppressive F.E.A.R.-like quality of this map.

Pics from the 2nd map in Pics from the 2nd map in Pics from the 2nd map in Pics from the 2nd map in Pics from the 2nd map in

Tomorrow, I plan on releasing some more screenshots from the first map entitled "Rescue Mission" which is more of an outdoor Crysis-like setting. I have ironed out most of the story for the third map but have not fully decided on a setting. I was thinking about designing the map as a combination of indoor and outdoor environments making it a hybrid of the two earlier maps.

Please post your thoughts on this. I would love some feedback from the community!


This is really just a framing comment. All your screenshots feel pretty square. If you changed up the angle and height of the shot, perhaps taking it from a corner, you'd have some much more dynamic shots to interest people. Don't get me wrong, I like what I see, I'm curious about the environment these are set in, but you could take it to the next level pretty easily.

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Seen some of your gameplay videos, and all that i have to say is, that for a game that is called Mutant Factor, there are to many people with a gun and without a mutation. the fact that the fight with the few mutants was very colour and effectfull was a good thing on the other hand, as it highlited these. Also sometimes your maps look as if there is the last lack of touch in it. It seems like these are only enviorments fixed together, but without a higher sence in it, what makes them look unharmonic and destroys the whole admosphere.

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mckool Author

Are you referring to the screenshots or have you played the demo? I just want to make sure I know the context of your comments so I can consider them appropriately. Please note that there are levels of mutation and the player also goes through a mutation of sorts which is a major part of the story.


Thanks for the comments. I honestly just try to find the angle that appeals to me but I do see your point. I will experiment with different angles. Of course, most of these shots are from playing the game so I'm a bittle bit limited on the angles. Nontheless, a very constructive comment.


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