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New release of RoboTech FirstGen TC: WIP for 2020.

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New release of RoboTech FirstGen TC: WIP for 2020.

Updated to a less ancient version of the game engine. Also a shiny new HUD and some small tweaks to get it running.

This is a Work In Progress (WIP): What that boils down to is that it is a copy of what I have done up to now and is more of a developer version than anything else. In other words... Expect bugs! Expect rough edges!
I have been working on this project, on my own, since 2001 and unfortunately it shows: you'll notice that some parts look quite dated while other parts will look better. Also, some stuff is the way it is because the EDGE engine couldn't do it any other way back in 2001, though now it's a different story (and hopefully I'll get around to updating that stuff).
If you find bugs please feel free to let me know: I know about a lot of them already but it's nice to compare lists.

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