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During the mission design there was always a point that drives me nuts: Rewards! A new mission is nice, good idea, easy to build in, but what is about the reward? Everytime you have to think about what could be useful, what does the player need and so on... And on the other hand, if you remember playing stalker, for sure you will remember missions that were quite hard and you get back at the customer which gives you worthless crap... yay... -_-

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So what will our reward system do? It will let you choose between items, based on your rank and your choice. At first you have to choose between:

first aid

First aid and ammo will offer you choices based on your rank. Rookie will have access to 'normal' red medkits, bandages and antirad. If the actors rank is higher, lets say stalker, the army medkit will show up too.
The ammo section is quite similar. There will be a 'always' section and three (maybe more) sections for ranks, with a choice of two ammo types.

The money will be random. You will have a 80% chance of getting the 'normal' reward, 15% chance for getting less money than the 'normal' reward and 5% for getting bigger reward than 'normal'.

Sometimes quests will be split in parts, lets say four parts.
At some points in the mod, the NPC will ask you, if you like to have the reward or 'save up for later'.
He will ask this question after every quest, so the actor can sum it up to 3 points at the end.

This means there will be three rewards, based on your choices before.
Maybe you managed to survive all quests and you got three points, then your reward might be a unique item, which you can get only this way.

This makes the rewards more dynamic and most of all: useful!

I hope you can get an idea of what is planed and even more, you maybe like it too. :)


Ok... since we both are to lazy and the saveup system is quite complex (but working ;)) we decided to let it out. But the normal system is active by now. Rank based rewards with choises like explained above are useable from now on. Some older missions will get an update to use the system, all other new mission can easily access it.


Sounds great!

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This is an excellent idea!

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Indeed, I like the idea!

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Das_P0m Author

Nice to read guys^^
Thanks a lot!

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