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Here the re-upload of the New Republic Heroes List

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Major Heroes
Mon Mothma - Chief Of state of the New Republic. Reduces the Price of Everything in the System she is in 30%(Spawns at Tech 1)

Luke Skywalker and R2D2 - Luke Skywalker is son of legendary Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker who became Darth Vader. After Endor Mon Mothma asked him to reform the Jedi Order in order to Combat against the Empire. He is accompanied by his loyal Droid R2D2. In Space he is in his X-wing. Provides an Fleet and Field Commander Bonus. Provides a 25% Discount on Jedi(Spawns at Tech 1)

Han Solo, Chewbacca, Leia and C3PO - The Crew of the Millennium Falcon. In ground battles Leia uses a Sporting Blaster. she can Sprint and throw a remote bomb. Leia later leaves the Millennium Falcon to due to increasing political career(Tech 4) Han Provides an Fleet and Field Commander Bonus (Spawns at Tech 1)

Rogue Squadron - Elite X- wing Squadron Formed after the Battle of Yavin by Luke Skywalker. Is now commanded by Wedge Antilles.(Spawns at Tech 1)

Admiral Ackbar - Supreme Commander of the New Republic Fleet, It was him who suggested they use old clone wars ships to supplement the damaged rebel Fleet.Commands the MC80 Cruiser "Home one"(Tech 1). Later in the war he later switched his command ship to a prototype Mon Calamari battleship the "Blue Diver"(Tech 4). Provides a Fleet commander Bonus(Spawns at Tech 1)

Lando Calrissian - professional gambler, entrepreneur, smuggler, general and former owner of the Millennium Falcon. After Endor, he often aided rouge flight and the Heroes of Yavin. He pilots the Lady Luck, In space and on land he can Sprint and bribe Enemies. Provides an Field and Fleet Commander Bonus Spawns at (Tech 1)

Leia Organa Solo and C-3PO - Wife of Han Solo and Minister of State of the New Republic. Even know she is a Politician, she often finds herself in the battlefield she ocupended by her droid C-3PO. In space she is commands ISD1 Rebel Dream which is her counselor ship. Provides a Field and Fleet commander bonus and Reduces the price of everything in the System she is in by 15% (Spawns at Tech 4)

Winter - Spy for the New Republic. Can see into Enemy Systems and see enemy fleet movements. On Land she can sprint and stun enemy infantry around her (Spawns at Tech 1)

Garm Bel Iblis - One of the Founders of the Rebellion. On Land he use the Gargantuan, In space he commands the Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser - The Peregrine. Provides an Fleet and Field Commander Bonus (Spawns at Tech 3)

Mara Jade - An Ex-Emperor's Hand. She felt the Emperors death via the force and returned to endor to find out what Happened. On exiting hyperspace she was captured by the New Republic and interrogated by Luke Skywalker and Republic Intelligence officers. After a long time she decided to
defect to the New Republic and became a Jedi. In combat she wields a Purple Lightsaber and can use force push and can use a jedi Mind Trick, Provides an Fleet and Field commander Bonus, Pilots an eta Class Starfighter (Spawns at Tech 3)

Talon Karrde- A smuggler and information broker who is often employed by the New Republic. His smuggling organization has expanded since jabba's death and undercutted a few hutt clients and made some enemies in the underworld as well as upsetting the Empire with few operations during the early stages of the war. Now he works independently for the New Republic and for private clients.On the Galactic map he can steal credits from enemy systems and spy on enemy systems. In Space he commands the "Wild Karrde" a modified (Possible land). Provides a Field and Fleet Commander bonus (Tech 3)

Minor Heroes
Torrent Company - A special Unit of Clones named after the famous unit of the original clone wars unit. the unit consists of 2 Sargent's, 1 lieutenant, a medic,25 standard clones, 2 Z-6 clones, 2 Sniper Clones, 2 Missile clones and ARC Commander Leo. Provide a Field Commander Bonus(Spawns at Tech 2)

Captain Uwlla Iillor - Captain of an Imperial Interdictor cruiser "Corusca Rainbow", Her and the entire crew defected from the empire to the New Republic. Provides Fleet Commander Bonus(Spawns at Tech 2)

ISD1 Emancipator - Formally known as "the Accuser" Captured during the Later Stages of the Battle of Endor by Han solo and Rebel Commandos. Build able at Endor. Provides a fleet Commander bonus (Buildable at Tech 2)

ISD1 Liberator - The Liberator, known as the Adjudicator during its Imperial service, was an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer, it Captured during the battle of endor with the Accuser - Buildable at Endor. Provides a fleet Commander bonus (Buildable at Tech 2)

Kyle Katarn - An Ex- Imperial Stormtrooper and Ex-Rebel Agen. After finding out he was a Force sensitive, he Joined Luke Skywalker's new jedi order. In space he pilots an eta class starfighter and on land wields a green lightsaber, can use a jedi mind trick and can throw a remote explosive. Provides a Field and Fleet commander Bonus (Spawns at Tech 2)

Boba Fett - Ex- Bounty Hunter and "son" of the Legendary Bounty Hunter Jango Fett. After Escaping the Sarlacc Pit on Tatooine, he set off for Kamino. He helped in the Liberation of Kamino by the new batch of clone troopers straight after they had heard about the Imperial Defeat at endor. He
advised the Kaminoean's to ally with the New Republic to protect the system from attacks. Afterwards he was contacted by Fenn Shysa and wanted Boba to take his place as the Leader of the Mandalorain Protectors.Afterwards he met with an New Republic Delegation consisting of Han Solo, Chewbacca, Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker on Kamino. After settling his differences with with Han, they agreed a treaty with the New Republic regarding the Clones on the condition that Mandalore would be made a Top Priority planet to Liberate. In space he Pilots Slave 1. Provides an Field and Fleet Commander Bonus. Provides discount of 25% on Mandalorian Units. (Buildable on Mandalore at Tech 2)

RNS Queen Amidala IV - A Liberty type Mon Calamari star cruiser built for the Royal Naboo Security. Under total secrecy, Naboo rebels have converted it from passenger ship to a capital ship. It's command crew was mainly staffed with Mon Calamari but the rest of the crew are made up of Royal Naboo Security personal and Gungans. Once naboo was liberated it was donated to the New Republic. It carries one Squadron of N1 Starfighter called Bravo Squadron and Provides a Fleet Commander Bonus (Build-able on Naboo at Tech 1)

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