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A new version of the medieval manor simulation has been released. There were lots of changes in this version as we continue to add the game frameworks.

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This version (v0.4.5.1) of the game included the following:

- New Game Creation System
The new game system has been now incorporated with the new world generation. Players get to generate new island-worlds. A single tile on this world map is then selected for generation of the player character's manor. Additionally, character creation has been taken to a new level. Choose your characters attributes, appearance, and background.

- New AI and Behavior System
The AI system has been a focus of much development over the past couple months, with frequent redesigns. While there are still no NPCs present in this version, the framework is finalized and resilient, ready for expansion.

- New Save/Load System
The saving and loading process has been greatly modified with better object encapsulation and error-checking to ensure save-file integrity.

- Cultures
Moddable cultures have been added to the game that allow specification of physical features, favored plants and animals, culturally significant color choices, as well as preferred biomes for habitation. Currently, kingdom generation is disabled for the world, but we are not far from implementing these features.

- NPC Avatars and Portraits
All people in the game will have more beautifully rendered avatars and portraits.

- World Generation
The world generation system accounts for many complex processes to create a vibrate realistic world, filled with great forests, towering mountain peaks, and enormous flowing rivers. You can change the climate model to generate a completely different type of world, such as a parched desert, or rocky badlands. Currently only the Nemoral climate is included, but new models can be added easily.

Download the new version here:

Programming Changelog:

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