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Galactic Armory 1.6.2 has been released! It offers full compatibility with Star Ruler, many, many bugfixes and optimizations, improvements to graphics and textures, new content and custom particle effects.

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Making space combat more interesting - one bit at a time.

Galactic Armory 1.6.2 for Star Ruler is now available for download! Besides balance tweaks and bugfixes, this release introduces many improvements to textures and effects, most notably completely new particle effects as well as a sub-shipset based on the Neumon shipset.
Please note that release 1.6.1 had several bugs spotted right after release, so we're updating to 1.6.2 right away.

You can see screenshots of the alternate Neumon Blue shipset here. A preview video of some of the new particle effects is also available:

Download locations:

Download at ModDB: Download

Download at mediafire: Download
Download at BMS: Download


Version 1.6.2

  • Fixed: Fixed an issue that was generating null-pointer-access errors
  • Fixed: It is no longer possible for 0-slot planets to be generated
  • Fixed: A divide-by-zero error in the mouse overlay was causing CTDs under certain conditions
  • Fixed: Added eRe4s3r's smoothing, UV and carrier gap fix for the Neumon shipset
  • Changed: Tweaked the volume of several sound effects

Version 1.6.1:

  • Added: 5 empire colors
  • Added: 19 empire flags
  • Added: 1 loading screen
  • Added: 1 alternate version of the 'Neumon' shipset with modified glowmaps (blue lights with yellow-orange engine glow and flares)
  • Changed: Reduced glowmap cycle frequency
  • Changed: Replaced various subsystem graphics
  • Removed: Removed the terrakin_gargantuan model from the terrakin shipset
  • Added: New particle effects
  • Added: New graphics and textures
  • Changed: Reduced starMassFactor by a factor of 1.8 in Realistic Systems map generation to reduce speed of planets rotating the sun.
  • Stars are 1.8 times bigger in Realistic Systems while the mass of the star is calculated as radius * massFactor.
  • Planets should now have about the same speed in RS as in vanilla.
  • Changed: Tweaked TakePlanet range and projectile speed (range 20 -> 50, speed 8 -> 20)
  • Balance: Increased Artillery AoE radius from 40 to 50
  • Balance: Increased DSM AoE radius from 25 to 40
  • Balance: Reduced Artillery base range from 700 to 450
  • Balance: Reduced metal cost for repairs and increased repair rates
  • Balance: Modified NBC Weapon formula for higher damage increase/level
  • Balance: Increased Shield Armor regeneration
  • Balance: Decreased Targetting Computer range boost to vanilla level
  • Balance: Increased Damage Booster base damage increase by 0.25
  • Changed: Subsystems (except armor and hulls) now use Materials to determine their HP
  • Changed / Balance: Weapons formulae for damage, delay and range have been changed
  • Almost all weapons across the board now use Size instead of Object.Scale to determine the multiplier for damage, delay and range.
  • Smaller weapons generally have - relatively - higher rate of fire and DPS, while larger weapons have better range and damage/shot
  • Added: High Density Fuel Storage. Offers double fuel storage capacity, but is more fragile than standard fuel cells and explodes when destroyed
  • Added: High Density Ammo Storage. Offers double ammunition storage capacity, but is more fragile than standard ammo cache and explodes when destroyed
  • Changed: Planet Buster now explodes when destroyed
  • Changed: Muon cannon has effective range and decreasing hit rate like other ballistic weapons
  • Balance: Increased Heavy Torpedo range and delay
  • Balance: Decreased Phased Railgun damage and delay
  • Balance: Increased Phased Energy Beam damage
  • Balance: Increased Precision Bomb (Fighter/Bomber) damage
  • Balance: Increased Torpedo (Fighter/Torpedo) speed
  • Balance: Increased Heavy Bomb (Bomber) damage
  • Balance: Increased Heavy Torpedo (Bomber) range and delay
  • Fixed: AI should no longer spam as many defenses as before
  • Balance: Changed Coolant System formula. Firing rate increase is 100% / 1 unit of subsystem size in the blueprint editor, while control and cost increase exponentially with size
  • Balance: Changed Rack Mount and Mass Mount control requirement formula (Size * value * sqrt(Scale / Object.Scale))
  • Balance: Changed Damage Booster control requirement and power consumption (similar to Coolant System) and damage multiplier (1 + (0.5 * (Scale/Object.Scale)))
  • Balance: Changed level impact on Targetting Sensor efficiency (increases sooner)
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