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It's time to put your controllers away for a while because...we'll...

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Urizen Shadows of the Cold Frosty Edition

News Update 06/17/2017

Yup, its time oh it's time, for another round of an update, and it goes like this...

We'll after actually really playing Metroid for the NES for the first time..don't laugh, I have decided that this is definitely the direction I wan't to go with. I'm not talking about making Urizen a space exploration game and everything else that makes it "Metroid", I'm talking about just implementing the kind of power ups every game should have. So here is a list of all the available powerups, I'm not going to describe them, I'll just mention them by name...

  1. 2X Bar Life
  2. 3X Bar Life
  3. Speedburst
  4. Doublejump
  5. Chargeweapon A
  6. Chargeweapon B
  7. Chargeweapon C
  8. Rechargeable Lifebar(s)
  9. Spirit Animal A
  10. Spirit Animal B
  11. Spirit Animal C
  12. Spirit Animal D
  13. Spirit Animal E
  14. Spirit Animal F
  15. Shrinker
  16. Super Star

Anyhow I want to perfect these implementations so yeah that's going to take more time, they will appear after a victorious boss fight and maybe in some potion mixing. Anyhow to tell you the truth I have been stepping back a little in despair, yeah I'm in the middle of landing a full time job and frankly game design will have to suffer a release date extension...for get this Christmas day 2017. Yes, it's gonna get frosty chimney, frosty. What a cool opportunity and great timing at that with a chance to gift Urizen to a friend, neat huh. Here are some things I've been working and have accomplished in these few months...

Large Items I have updated

  • Coldmoon Caverns and Coldmoon Prairie have now been invaded by gold and precious mineral gathering aliens, complete with spaceships
  • Bloodgore Castle is going through heavy revision, by that I mean super heavy.
  • New cutscene has been implemented and its funny.
  • Stoneheights got a beautiful facelift
  • A boss for the stage Sacred Gods has been added.
  • A good number of ugly looking enemies have been updated to look "FROSTY".
  • Bugs and errors plaguing the main player has been fixed, some still linger.
  • New easter eggs added.
  • Mystic Falls is in the brink of destruction, I might remove it.
  • The potion mechanism tough but done.

We'll anyhow it's going to be a while before December. But I'll make the best of it.

Oh and Yeah Bloodshadow Games might be changed to Bloodshadow Studios

That's all for now, See you come Christmas day. Expect some epicness coming your way. Bye.

John P. @ Bloodshadow Games

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