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A new mod project created by ZRRepublic! Some info about it and Death Match.

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Hello Everyone!
I had something to say,

I'll no longer continue this mod
and future version like v0.7 will
never be release.

But don't worry!
A new mod project is on the work!
I'll give more info once I had more features on it!
But for now, just wait and hope for the best.

Why do I stop working on it?
Because, I'll no longer know what to do next.
I no longer like the way I made it.
My ideas was being scrap and change those ideas
with your ideas. And I see, relying on your ideas is
pretty much not going to help. So I decided to make a
new mod on private.A mod that I really wanted to make!
But I don't blame anyone or accuse anyone that its their
fault for this mod to be cancel it just me make some
stupid,unwise decisions.

Also, I'll try to organize my code sheets properly as Death Match
have an unorganize coding sheets, I get confuse easily when editing
them. I'll group the new ones away from the old ones. Group those
new features away from the old ones. Starting from command buttons,
commandses,weapons and units codes.

This is the mod I wanted to create,
organize and ruled by my ideas.But doesn't mean
I won't listen to your suggestions, I will still do but
I keep it balance and focus more on my ideas.

Sorry for the disappointment for those who wait,
but I had a good news for those who are waiting for the
v0.7. Features on this version will be transferred to my
new mod project like the GLA airfield and air units.
But if you can't wait for the new mod to be anounce, I
can just give you guys the unfinish v0.7.

Hope for the best
And see you guys again
next time!

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