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Our first project. Dark Magic is a new faction started by Modman. We are now making some fresh models to actually complete the mod.

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We have started work on a long pending faction, Dark Magic. Initially started by "modman", it is darker and more sinister than the Magitech Magic, but it is not quite finished. It is incomplete because it has few new models. Work has been started on three new models, The Dark Mage, The Shadow Walker and the Imp. Apart from the models everything is done. It is well balanced and fits in well with the Magitech tech tree, it also has good icons. I have started work on a theme for Dark Magic, and so far i think there should be lots of spikes. Expect more news soon.

- AMish or gAMeboy, Artistic Coordinator.

PS. I made a new icon for the team. how is it?

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