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I have added new screenshots of game to image gallery. See them and please give feedback.

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Sorry for so late post, been busy working on game and mostly fixing bugs which takes forever. I have
server side bug (tons of them) and client sides which were less (for now) but no worry as I have added 10 new screenshots of game to image gallery so go check them out and give feedback on interface of game.

Here is little story that is going to build up as game progress.

Game Story

In world where human lived peacefully but one day
changed their futures. A mythical and magical creature appeared from sky, whole
world sky turn dark. The mythical creature started rampaging about how in
future human will destroy mythical creature world far found in universe. To
stop this from happening the mythical creature spawn more mythical creature and
told human to live in peace and harmony with mythical creatures and accept
their existence in world. Many powerful human tried go against at expecting
creature’s existence and question about their future generation but for science
is new and unbelievable; they started researching on these mythical creatures
and found that they have power to use nature’s elements but were unsuccessful
at making the creature display their power they require a special kind of bond
between human and creature to be able for creature to use the power. The
scientist research more on these creatures and developed a special kind of TO

Current game progress (note: I will always leave at 99% due to nothing is finish ever completely in life :P)

Game Progress

Login/Register 99%
Message System 25%
Map Editor 75%
Game UI 25%
Server (Can't really decide the progress)

If you want to know what I used for creating my engine, here is list of library that has been used for game engine.

Components Used For Game

.NET 4.5 Framework By Microsoft
SFML.NET 2.1 By Laurent Gomila
SharpNetty Last Commit 518b431373ebefb2280d9390625a18879b797f43 By JohnLamontagne
SQLite By Robert Simpson and SQLite Development Team

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