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A new storyline has been added to this. We have now decided there will be a sequel to this. The end of this game will show you being given an option to save yourself or not. If you don't: Game over. If you do: It creates more catastrophic events than the Resonance Cascade and the Borealis Incident combined. But it's to save you. And more secrets will be revealed.

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Mark Infinity will have a new extended storyline from the original.
Far more action. Far more power. And far more of an adventure.

The extended storyline gives you the choice of how you go on to live your life as Riley Stenson.
With the overpowering suit claiming your life, your only option is to go through a procedure similar to what caused the Resonance Cascade. Although, It will be far worse than the Resonance Cascade and the Borealis Incident put together.

The really could mark the end of this planet as we know it.
With the Combine seeking asylum, They are only seeing us as asking help for shelter.

Should you go through this procedure? Or do you want to search to find another way?
The choice is yours.

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