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Diesel Racer 2 is now available on OUYA, FireTV and Amazon in addition to Google Play.

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I am working on fixing bugs and improving Diesel Racer 2.
Diesel Racer 2 is now available on Google Play, OUYA, and Amazon.
Not all platforms have the latest version where Google Play usually have the latest version as it's the easiest and quickest to update.

As always, feedback is welcome.

There is also a third new "nightmare" dirt track.
Here is the "10 FPS cinematic" video. For some kind of a reason the video's FPS got really low after uploading to IndieDB.
I am finding out why with the admins.

And here is a very fun and funny video by Otakupunk on an older version of Diesel Racer 2 for OUYA:

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