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In preparation of a 2016 release i've given out the mod in it's unfinished form to ASDF4455gamez who did playthrough series of all 3 factions in Knights of the Old Empire 1: Awakening. with or without any feedback from him i plan on releasing the mod very soon and pumping out patches here and there over time like i did with Awakening.

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In preparation of a 2016 release i've given out the mod in it's unfinished form to ASDF4455gamez who did playthrough series of all 3 factions in Knights of the Old Empire 1: Awakening. with or without any feedback from him i plan on releasing the mod very soon and pumping out patches here and there over time like i did with Awakening.

Planets of the New GC

Here is the new full list of systems in the mod and what some of the more important ones do. I've not actual given abilities to planets unless they have some important use but in this case it's just shipyards and income. I hate the idea of some planets giving bonus to stats since you already have heroes that do that and it really wouldn't make much of a difference anyway.

  1. Alderaan
  2. Anaxes – Local Victory-class Discount
  3. Balmorra
  4. Bastion
  5. Bespin – High Credit Income
  6. Bestine
  7. Bonadan
  8. Bothawui – Provides information on nearby hostile systems
  9. Byss
  10. Carida
  11. Christophisis
  12. Corellia – Allows the construction of CEC vessels
  13. Coruscant – Allows construction of land (For AI purposes)
  14. Dagobah
  15. Dantoonine
  16. Dathomir
  17. Dromund Kaas
  18. Endor
  19. Eriadu
  20. Falleen
  21. Felucia
  22. Fondor – Local Victory-class Discount/ Capital Ship Shipyard
  23. Hapes
  24. Honoghr
  25. Hoth
  26. Hypori – Capital Ship Shipyard
  27. Ilum
  28. Jabiim
  29. Kamino
  30. Kessel
  31. Kashyyyk
  32. Korriban – Local Harrower-class and Arbiter-class Discount/Capital Ship Shipyard
  33. Kuat – Local Imperator-class Discount/Capital Ship Shipyard/Allows Construction of Kuat Frigates
  34. Lehon
  35. Loronar
  36. Malachor V – Local Defender-class Discount
  37. Manaan
  38. Mandalore – Local Mandalorian Vessel Discount/Capital Ship Shipyard
  39. The Maw – Galactic Tech Advancement Discount
  40. Mon Calimari – Local Mon Cal Vessel Discount/Capital Ship Shipyard
  41. Mustafar – Massive Credit Income
  42. Muunilinst – Allows the Construction of Munificent-class Frigates
  43. Mygeeto
  44. Naboo
  45. Evocar – High Credit Income
  46. Onderon
  47. Ord_Mantell
  48. Polis
  49. Quesh
  50. Rattatak
  51. Raxus
  52. Rendili – Local Discount on Dreadnaught-class/Capital Ship Shipyard
  53. Ringo Vinda
  54. Rishi
  55. Rothana – Local Discount on Acclamator II-class/Capital Ship Shipyard
  56. Ryloth
  57. Serenno
  58. Socorro
  59. Sullust – Allows construction of Quasar-class/Capital Ship Shipyard/High Income
  60. Taris – High Credit Income
  61. Tatooine
  62. Telos
  63. Umbara
  64. Utapau
  65. Vergesso Asteroids
  66. Volik
  67. YagDhul
  68. Yavin
  69. Ziost
  70. Abregado Rae
  71. AetenII
  72. AlzocIII
  73. Atzerri
  74. Corulag
  75. Fresia
  76. Myrkr
  77. Saleucami
  78. Shola
  79. Thyferra
  80. Wayland
  81. Ruusan
  82. Ithor
  83. Mimban
  84. Teth

Wow 84 is really alot for me when i play other mods. I thankfully have limited travel to allow a few key chokepoints yet still have plenty of alternate ways into different areas while also having a few scattered planets in the southern part of the galaxy that the factions can fight over.

Currently Completed Unit List

This list does not match the older unit list because it is only what i currently have in the mod and not what was fully planned or were swapped around like Solo and Fel being Major Heroes now. By release i hope to have added the non-combat heroes like the faction leaders and maybe a few politicians who will basically act like Mon Mothma did in vanilla.

United Systems

Main Heroes
Lord-Wing Commander Anakin Skywalker/TIE Slayer - Tech 1
High Phantom Ryn Fett/Knightfury (YT-1300/TIE) - Tech - 1
Watch-Commander Boba Fett/Slave-X - Tech - 1
High Lord-Commander Lord Drake/Resurrection (Arbiter) - Tech 3
Mand’Alor the Free, Bo-Katan Kryze/Naakla'kyr "Peaceful End" (Kedalbe) - Tech 3
High Lord-Admiral Lady LaRue Valen/Harrowed Knight (Harrowing) - Tech 4
High-Admiral Gial Ackbar/Liberation (MC85) - Tech 5

Minor Heroes
Nightmother Assajj Ventress/Night Screamer (Modified Ginitex) - Dathomir
Darth Reavita/Emperor’s Wrath(Providence) – Mustafar
Knight-Commander Galen Marek/Shadow (Dreadnaught) - Kashyyyk
Captain Verrack/Home One (MC80 Home One) – Mon Calamari
Admiral Nammo/Defiance (MC80 Home One) – Mon Calamari
Admiral Yamarus/Independence (MC80 Home One) – Mon Calamari
Lieutenant Sabine Wren/Honor Squadron (Gauntlet) - Mandalore
Captain Firmus Piet/Protector(Harrower) - Taris
Knight-Wing Captain Luke Skywalker/Phoenix Squadron (X-Wing) - Tatooine - Requires Anakin
Knight Leia Skywalker/Arbitration (Immortalis) - Naboo - Requires Anakin
Lord Revan Dragonfang/Devourer(Cabur'cal) - Korriban - Requires Drake
Knight-Phantom Jane Fett/Overseer (Gauntlet) – Mandalore - Requires Boba Fett

TIE/r Sith TIE Fighter
TIE/r2 TIE Aurora Bomber
TIE/S mk.2 Sith TIE Interceptor
TIE/In-2 Sith TIE Fighter-Bomber
Cobra Droid Fighter-Bomber
Venom-class Gunship

Assassin-class Corvette
Crusader-class Corvette
Vengeance-class Frigate
MC12-class Light Frigate
Defender-class Escort Carrier
Defender II-class Assault Frigate
Aggressor-class Frigate
Interdictor-class Light Cruiser
Immortalis-class Cruiser
MC40 – Light Cruiser
MC80 - Liberation-class Cruiser
Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser Refit
Arbiter-class Star Destroyer
Cabur'cal-type Battleship
MC80 - Liberty-class Cruiser
Neo Harrower-class Star Destroyer

Galactic Republic

  • Heroes

    Captain Han Solo/Millennium Falcon - Tech 1
    Captain Sootir Fel/Imperium Squadron (TIE/In) - Tech 1
    High Admiral Wullif Yularen/Motivation (Venator) - Tech 1
    Jedi High General Yoda/ETA-3L Light Interceptor - Tech 1
    Jedi High General Obi-Wan Kenobi/Destiny (Victory I) - Tech 2
    Grand Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin/Oppressor(ISD-II) - Tech 3
    Grand Admiral Tyber Zann/Peacebringer (Allegiance) - Tech 4
    Jedi High General Mace Windu/Valiant(Valiant) – Tech 4
    Jedi Supreme Commander A'Sharad Hett/Retribution (Secutor) - Tech 5
  • Minor Heroes

    Admiral Maarisa Zsinj/Retaliation (Venator) – Requires Yularen
    Captain Kosh Teradoc/Allegiant (Venator) – Requires Treuten
    Admiral Treuten Teradoc/Terror (Victory II) - Anaxes
    Captain Kendal Ozzel/Moderator (Vindicator) - Coruscant
    Captain Zsinj/Revenge (Vindicator) – Needs his Mommy
    Admiral Screed/Invincible (Victory I) - Carida
    Captain Xamuel Lennox/Chancellor (ISD-I) - Kuat
    Rear Admiral Natasa Daala/Gorgon (ISD-II) – Requires Tarkin
    Admiral Pellaeon/Chimera (ISD-II) – Bastion
    Prince Xizor/Virago – Falleen
    Captain Juno Eclipse/Shadow Squadron (TIE/In) - Corulag
    Captain Hera Syndulla/Ghost Squadron (ARC-170) - Ryloth
  • Fighters

    TIE/LN TIE Fighter
    T-65 X-Wing Starfighter
    BTL-B Y-wing Bomber
    Incom W-Wing Interceptor
    X-65/A Advanced X-wing Starfighter
    BTL-B2 Y2-Wing Bomber
    Gozanti-class Patrol Gunship
  • Ships

    Tartan-class Corvette
    Phalanx-class Light Frigate
    Acclamator II-class Frigate
    Guardsman-class Support Frigate
    Gladiator-class Escort Star Destroyer
    Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser
    Venator-class Star Destroyer
    Immobilizer-class Support Cruiser
    Vindicator-class Heavy Cruiser
    Procursator-class Star Destroyer
    Victory I-class Star Destroyer
    Victory II-class Star Destroyer
    Imperator-class Star Destroyer
    Imperator II-class Star Destroyer
  • Super Weapon

    Death Star (Will not be able to target planets due to the Jedi High Council)

So if the Death Star can't shoot planets, does it just drop in reinforcements and shoot enemy ships? Also how can the Unity destroy it? Anakin and Luke would be my guesses but perhaps you've got something up your sleeve...

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