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well after the engine glitch what we manage to fix we started to make the maps so far it looks like a mess but we have only JUST started.

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Hello all we have just got new pictures uploaded new pictures now we ONLY JUST started the maps for the game yea after fixing a huge glitchy bug what is now fixed we are making the main ship which will be huge in the full game (Note in the demo it will be small) the ship will have over 100 places to go and will SADLY will have allot of loading time as in when you go though most of the doors on the ship it will load up a new map.

On the main ground there will not be much loading time apart of going into big places and all the AI on the ground will be different to the AI on the ship too (As we hope) basicly we are using something called AI mark 1 on the ship this is to test out our new AI system and as on the ground we are just using the normal cube engine AI (Note we only be doing this if we have enough time).

Lastly we will be making a teaser trailer in the next month or so, so keep onto us also pretty soon we will be opening the OFFICIAL element 187 website we can not wait at all for this.

Unto next time kids.

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