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Stalker Clear Sky has been updated again. You can find the updates all over. Check gsc-game(dot)com for more info. Also, I am starting a Clear Sky Mod Blog, where I go over gameplay experiences in conjunction with AI and try to work out all the emotional issues this game ends up giving me.

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The updates are out there. I'm at .10 I think.
I never notice any difference except for the fact that it changes all my settings.

Anyways check out my profile for stuff. If you enjoy the game you will enjoy my page.

I have compelling game play experiences that may include video. It's not that I know how to play the game, its just the game likes to mess with my head. No joke.

Also, I will be starting an overhaul project possibly. I am waiting for more info on the upcoming game release.

One other thing, I made a cover of one of the Stalker guitar songs on my myspace. It's a cover of "he was a good stalker." Done much differently, check it out at

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