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As ive been aying for the past few days my main system is going offline and im going to be working on this more on my laptop.

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As ive been saying for the past few days my main system is going offline and im going to be working on this more on my laptop.
Also i will have to disconnect my internet (to save money or i loose the laptop :S ). For this reason ive made a very basic patch with all the new midels and skins so that when i do have to upload patches in the future they can be XML only. This means itll be faster for me to upload them from someone elses machine.

So in this patch ive added the SG tech tree (icons for some of the upgrades not for others and no text either so ull just have to wait a bit for that). Ive also added the Beliskner and Oniell class as builable units. But they are unbalanced at best(at worst unkillable). Again this will be fixed in my first XML patch.

Also slated for the first xml patch is...

- Fully working tech trees for ST, SG, and BSG(polished)
- Hopefully hutt asteroid/orbital construction pad will have the unique units listed in the tech tree there.
- Text finished for BSG, SG and ST

but thats all in the future

right now ull just have to deal with the fact that this version is probably the most rushed since my nets going offline as of tomorrow morning and im not sure when ill be getting it back... (the more hours i get at work the more money i get the more likely itlll be sooner rather than later)

Anyway keep commenting
this isn't dead. Ill be checking in on it when i get a chance...
I got a feeling ill be getting internet withdrawals lol

anyway i hope u atleast like the tech systems in SG and BSG and i still odnt really have one for SW lol
Anyway have fun


i just wanna make sure you list me in the credits for all my help :) i do love helping and it feels good to be listed so everyone knows you helped
good luck with work and your financial obligations. I know that these are hard times, with the global economy crashing.

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Spinobreaker Author

yeh i will add u 2 the credits once i do the ST tech tree (so in the next version). IF u can knock me up a SW tech tree thatd be great, with a focus on empire, with one 'calamari' upgrade to unlock the mon calamri units (if this make no sence at all them im sorry lol) also another pirate relation upgrade to make friends with the Zan consortium. Again lmit of about 20ships/heroes. Ill work out the upgrades as i go....
as for my pay, well i just went from being paid about $900AU a week down to about $<300AU a week(i need a minimum of $300 for rent and car payments a week let alone food and what not)... for something that wasn't my fault, they were just head hunting and i somehow got in the line of fire

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Spinobreaker Author

theres a minor delay on this, ill upload it in a little while... a few hours

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