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Developers of the "Wind of Luck: Arena" game are happy to announce the new patch, that will improve overall gameplay and gaming experience.

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new patch 0.6.5 that brings many improvements and updates, is live now!0.6.5. Patch notes:

  • Catamaran now has 2 cannons on each board.
  • Crew experience now affect ship turning rate, cannons reloading and crew protection. All ships will seem less maneuverable now, as previously used values for turning rate and are approximately for crew experience 28.
  • Players now can�t leave balancer screen if battle is already set up. This prevent occasional 2 vs 3 battles when one of players went back to shipyard when battle is already set up for start.
  • Ships that are in battle, are not displayed in Shipyard now.
  • Fire damage now counted properly for battle reward calculation.
  • Fixed fire damage for crew.
  • Added long thin smoke trails for cannonballs.
  • Fixed ship wake and optimized performance.
  • Increased treasure capture time.
  • Fixed cannon destruction effects.
  • Tooltips added to nearly all elements. An option to disable tooltips also added to game settings. Ship abilities descriptions added as tooltips for each ability.
  • Fixed "Buy Ship" button in Tier Tree.
  • All items that were left on ships not properly (i.e., large catapults on small ships), will be unmounted and moved to player Arsenal.
  • Oars toughness and damage processing recalculated, fixed the some bugs with oars became invunerable after taking some heavy damage.
  • Oars now will hide if completely destroyed.
  • Ships collision is fixed. Now ships will not immediately explode if collided on high speed.
  • Sails of 6 different colours are added to each tier and each sail type. Current sails are replaced by new ones.
  • Both current number of players and server ping are displayed in shipyard now.
  • Fixed rare memory corruption bug.
  • Improved game client performance.
  • Ship sinking anitmation is much slower now.
  • Control Settings now allows to assign the same hotkey to similar actions, like unfold sailsand increase rowing speed.
  • Hotkeys to crew commands now are working properly.
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