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The new patch is finally ready. Now you can play with the Japanese Empire, i hope you will enjoy it. I'm sorry again for the huge two-month delay but I was very busy with my degree projetct at the university plus I had to travel twice to the Netherlands to work on it. If there are any problems with the new patch let me know on this page.

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The new Japanese Faction is finally ready. This faction is unique since it has support operations also for infantry and artillery units (not only in the support menu). Besides the japs can always access to air forces because they can't deploy heavy tanks, and their medium tanks are not as good as the American ones. Instead their support operations are really good, and their deployment time is really short. Another interesting feature is that their heavy engineers can build stationary emplacements. All the Japanese commands allow you to build a heavy 200mm naval gun, and the Frotress Support Command allows you to build the devastating Coastal Battery armed with 305mm naval guns.

I'm also starting to write an editing guide, so that you will be able to set up your own custom battlefield missions if you have a map ready.

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