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New patch for the game out now. And the future of the game, new, exciting features planned.

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Last night, the version 4.1 patch (just an .exe) was released. Download that to prevent any errors from version 4. Just place that .exe file into the main SSO directory and replace the old .exe file.

I will be ending the Halloween event November 8th, just to make sure everyone has all the event items they may be missing. I can't have it run too long because, Halloween is over... and I am planning a Thanksgiving event! Besides maybe a boost event, I'm going to try to add something else to it to make it much more interesting and engaging.

I've been considering creating a Discord channel for this game, so that perhaps people can meet up in game and tackle dungeons, raids, or party and level up together. I know the game isn't popular enough to just run into people, but if we schedule play times, we could increase the chance of creating a community! I think this would be a good idea for anyone who is unfortunate enough to not run into anyone or for anyone else who doesn't have a buddy they can play with when needed. This way people have a more fair shot at dungeons and unique weapons and armor.

As for the future of the game, I am going to be adding some new features to the game I've been planning for a while. One is a Pet System. As you may have seen, you can purchase a pet from the Halloween event (obviously you can't use them yet. I'm still working on that.) Each pet will be unique and will grant specific stat boosts or abilities, etc. With some luck and resources, you'll be able to re-roll them for better bonuses.

The second being the implementation of the Auction House. I already have it working 100% but I just have to create a warp point to it! This is a place where very rare, sometimes unique items come up occasionally (they will change periodically. Weekly, perhaps) and you can bid on it. Beware, if you don't win it, you won't get another chance at it (unless it comes into rotation again)!

Another idea I've been floating around is a Farmable, Static Boss Spawn Point where, there are dungeons, towers, etc. scattered throughout the world. A particular boss will occupy this point, for a certain time (hours, a day, days) and players will be able to farm this boss. Each one will have unique drops for its species.

LEVEL CAP INCREASE - yes I know :)

That's mostly everything I want to include for version 5, which will be the next major release. I'll begin working on these ASAP so I can get them out soon. Thanks for staying tuned.

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