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Welcome to the new page for the Shattered Lands mod for Men of War: Assault Squad!

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As promised we have moved the page to it's new home here under the Assault Squad tab. In our Images Section you can see some stuff that is brand new and not shown to the public until now. New features and weapons include

- ERYX Heavy AT Launcher for the CEC Faction
-A new mortar model with fully functioning Smoke and Incendiary rounds, as well as traditional frag shells
- Fully Functional underbarrel grenade launchers for rifles, Each faction will have a grenadier variant of one of their standard issue Rifles, *AUGA3, AK-74M, M16A4, Etc*

Current projects
Finishing touches on CEC Infantry Gear including
- Carl Gustav M3 Medium AT Launcher
- FN Minimi LMG
- Additional BDU and Armor Variants

UI changes

After these projects are finished, the CEC Infantry will be effectivley FINISHED, There I Will be doing coding for the Soldier types and Squads, while Solistx moves on to map props. Things like Structures, Sidewalk Decorations, Civilian Cars. Etc

We will likley put up pictures of these in the next few days as it doesnt take that long to make them. But other than that, We will be large posting updates at the beginning of every month instead of small updates every few days.

Stay Tuned!

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