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Lots done, so much new stuff I've lost some of it!

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Hello !

We've gotten very far since the last time I updated, in fact, I'd go to say we've gotten so far I've forgotten some of the stuff I had to say. Which probably wasn't so clever now that I'm writing this.

All those weapons that we had on walls are all now implemented with functions and they all work!
The currency system is ... getting there, still some bugs to kill but they don't arise unless you know how.

Our list of in-game weapons is now so dense that it indeed does scare me when I think of the amount of work I'm going to have to do to get them all working, so far we have 8 working guns and 3 more in testing. One of our special weapons is currently being tested too, it's very cold and some of the zombies seem to be freezing!

Unfortunately I believe the team will be back at college this week as the snow is now stopped and melting here, so no more excuses to stay warm, but we will be able to discuss more and get things progressing better that way! (It's easier to beat GeneralBert you see).

Finally, we made a Facebook page for the game because apparently social networking is popular now?
Find that here --->

We'll try to keep that updated as much too with all our news and things :)
So give it a "like" and you'll know of all the updates!


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