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News about Improvement Mod v. 1.2 is out! A lot of new things!!!

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Hello everyone and happy pi day!

A few new things about the Improvement mod!

First off:

I will be changing the name of this mod to the Improvement Patch.

That means the name of this mod, and any future updates will be called the Improvement Patch. Although the Title picture and any movie intros will be called the Improvement Mod, the new name is Improvement Patch.

Second off:

I have heard your requests for new units/buildings. 4-10 new units will be added in v 1.2! This includes a new boat, a new air unit, 2 new cannons, and more! I will not go into details about the units in this news, but keep your eye out! There will be screen pictures and movies about them in the near future.

Third thing:

There is a new building out there! This will be a lot like the barracks, and if you play TAD you may recognize it. And Explorers can train settlers!

I am aiming for the new version to be out by April 15th. It may come earlier, or it might come a bit later.


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