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Guess what this one is about? Well something that rolls of the tongue a bit better. Same role, same new old units, same Zombolt.

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ZBI! Zone Break industries has a New name to reflect it's Mission. ZBI is not the War Factory. This is so you know what your getting, new shiny units! and a unit pack is in the works, Featuring the Kaiser Fortress!

Now what to put with it? I can do several things, yet it's up to you to decide!

The Units I can make, and you can only pick one per side- the top 3 get to join the Kaiser in the Nov. Art pack!

Allied Navy SEAL
Allied Para trooper
Allied Super Drone

Soviet Toxic Tank
Soviet Fighter/Bomber
Soviet Flame/Toxic Trooper

Empire Buggy
Empire Light Artillery
Empire Jet ski/motorcycle

The Choice as they say is yours.

Joshh - - 900 comments

I'll vote Soviet Fighter-Bomber, Empire Light Artillery and Allied Super Drone. That last one out of curiosity as to what it is...

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antoflip - - 18 comments

those are all sick ideas :p but i would have to say allied navy SEAL / soviet fighter / bomber and empire buggy

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codeblue666 - - 272 comments

navy seal, soviet fighter bomber, Empire Jet ski/motorcycle

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Alex_06 - - 1,126 comments

Allied Navy Seal, Soviet Flame trooper and Empire Jet ski! Do the rest eventually :P
For the navy seal, I have a few design ideas:
(Could also do a Chrono Commando, that is, a Navy Seal with the ability to teleport. Last concept is actually just that)
The Mirage weapon from RA2 would fit quite nicely, I think.

And for the Soviet Flame Trooper:

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Jason_King_of_Salt Author
Jason_King_of_Salt - - 2,364 comments

I like your Chrono Commando, and I'd like to use parts of it in the planned Chrono Captain.

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Alex_06 - - 1,126 comments

Go ahead if you want to...

KaneNash also made this Chrono Tank design, which I was originally going to use for a mod but no one ever became interested enough in the project for anything to take off:

You can also use that design if you want to.

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Jason_King_of_Salt Author
Jason_King_of_Salt - - 2,364 comments

Well when you see the Chrono Captain thing will be explained.

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justgoaway - - 8,208 comments

SEAL, Jet sky/motorcicle and Bomber. (The desolator was not going to be added too?)

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PsychoticLoner - - 1,011 comments

All right, I'm game. I say the Allied Navy Seal (of the design Alex_06 showed), Soviet Fighter Bomber, and the Empire Jet Ski/Motorcycle.

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