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Some new tracks have been uploaded to the site for you to listen to.

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So some new tracks have been uploaded to the site and you can listen to them on the videos page. But what are they? Well those of you who have been following our posts will know that the lost realms has it's own custom soundtrack that will be played whilst you're traversing the realms. So far two of these pieces have been recorded and uploaded.

The newest piece is for the second realm, Olafur. This track is very string heavy and gives a glimpse into what this lively city has now become.

The updated piece is for the first realm, The Shores of Salehm. This was originally a solo acoustic guitar track, but from the feedback you guys have given me it seems that you wanted some strings to accompany the guitar. Well as requested some strings have been added to add some depth to the track.

So enjoy listening to these new tracks and please leave any feedback, comments or questions below or rate the mod out of 10 on our homepage. If you would like to receive updates as they are posted then click the Track This Mod button to the right of you. Or if you would like to download V 1.1 of the mod you can do so Here.


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