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Using mostly what was already implemented in Third Age Total War: Divide and Conquer, i have shortened down alot of full songs, removed all the medieval 2 vanilla songs completely, changed places of when a certain song will play and made the game experience more epic. The main focus being to give most factions unique music instead of all the good factions sharing their music, and all the evil ones sharing theirs etc.

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Most of the music in-game have been edited using a music tool like Audacity®.
For an IMMERSIVE gaming experience.


It's easy, you can download the archive here from ModDB.


First of all, make always a BACKUP of your entire DAC sounds folder!

You must install Large Address Aware (only for 64-bit systems with >3GBs of RAM): firstly, consult Titanium - PC Optimization Guide and TECHPOWERUP threads! Put LAA.exe into your M2TW main folder and then run it: select your kingdom.exe and then patch it (you also need to check the enabler switcher box). LAA will strongly reduce your CTDs!


Just place the extracted data-folder in your third_age_3 folder- it has to be modified with Divide and Conquer 1.01, 1.1 or 1.2 -not compatible with older versions, or other Third Age-mods.

At least i think it's compatible with the new 1.2 based on feedback in this thread - find out for yourself.

Make sure that you don't have duplicates of the data folder - it should be third_age_3/data and not third_age_3/data/data.

The files will be automatically extracted to their right location.


1. descr_sounds and descr_sounds_music should be placed in the data-folder.

2. The .dat and .idx-files are located in the sounds-folder - and the sounds-folder should just be placed in the data-folder.

3. descr_sounds_music_types should be placed in the data/world/maps/base-folder.

What this SUB-MOD does?

I wanted to have most factions feel more unique - and create the epic feeling of the movies when playing! I have mostly used what was already in there, but removed not only entire songs but also cut the existing ones into smaller pieces. I have added some clips of songs in as replacements for those i removed. But the size is now smaller compared to vanilla. And i must say there are no full songs in there added in by me. One or two full songs may be there from before as i didn't remove everything that was included in the official release. Expect more for less! :D.

It makes the music of the mod faction specific for most factions- the only exception being the factions that are very similiar like Lindon and Imladris, or allied like Isengard and Dunland. And i have changed the files alot so the feeling will be epic and the size of the sounds-folder will be smaller than before.

I did shorten down alot of tracks, i removed alot of songs and i've only added shorter clips. You will get more for less. So this actually has fewer full songs, and much more short clips chosen specifically for each part they play in the mod.

I did work on this sub-mod for two and a half weeks constantly all my awaken time- it's not five days but seven days each week. I have been very detailed and chosen each part very carefully for each of the specific music types.

Faction specific music will be played in mobilize, tension, battle, win, loose, campaign loose, campaign win and the stratmap for most factions. All factions got touched in some way- even though some may share songs still.

Previously as stated above, all the good factions had the same full songs being played - and all the evil factions had the same ones. They played randomly and it was just like people had simply placed alot of songs into the game to play randomly.

This IS NOT the case with this mod! My very focus has been not only to make the music in game faction specific, but also to create a unique movie-esque feeling for each of the factions. This means that you will not hear full tracks or entire songs at random places anymore. Every song has been carefully chosen and each faction will not have any sound that doesn't belong to that faction.

This means that we will not be hearing Gondor-stuff when playing as Rohan- as no Gondorian songs are used for them -as well as we will not be hearing parts of songs that includes songs for other factions. The original LOTR-songs were made up of many different themes playing in one song, and i have made sure to cut out what i wanted and removed everything else. So no more Rohan-stuff for Isengard. As only the parts of the Uruk-Hai ist still there for them. It will feel like you are playing the battles of the movies in battle.

In the strat-map i didn't do alot of work. I just used the songs already there and separated them between the factions. The heavy focus was on the battles. For the strat-map you can say i just changed the way some of the songs were used. But of course i removed some, and maybe added some to.

Video previews:

Dwarves of Ered-Luin:

Dwarves of Erebor & the Iron Hills:

Dwarves of Khazad-Dum:

Woodland Realm:

Elves of the Noldor (Realm of Imladris/Grey Havens of Lindon):

Dominion of Isengard/Wildmen of Dunland:

Kingdom of Rohan:

Kingdom of Gondor/Principality of Dol-Amroth:

Realm of the Galadhrim:

Ents of Fangorn:

Shadow of Mordor:

Orcs of the Misty Mountains:

Shadow of Mirkwood:

Remnants of Angmar:

Evil-Men - Easterlings of Rhun/Haradrim Tribes/Haven of Umbar:

Variags of Khand:

Kingdom of Dale/Vale of Dorwinion:

Bree-Land and the Shire:

Northern Dunedain:

Vale of Anduin:

Clans of Enedwaith:

Enjoy the new epic feeling specific for most of the factions in-game!

Finally you can fight those battles in-game and feel they are just as epic as in the movies- you'll even feel like you are playing the movie but changing the direction of the story!



very good job!

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Mr_Nygren Author

Thanks =).

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