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VTMB Music Mod 1.0 is a soundtrack mod for Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines that enhances the game's atmosphere and feel.

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2009 has seen the release of a whole string of high quality mods for the Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines, that all add something special to the experience of this 5-year old RPG, that is still being very actively played - and modded!

Here's a newly released mod that greatly enhances the game atmosphere, by changing most of the music of the game.

VTMB Music Mod 1.0 lets you experience Vampire with a new soundtrack, that is a refined and eclecticly selected mix of dark ambient atmospheres, mechanised indie drones, hard electronic beats, late night dubs and much more!

- Start up a new game -and feel you truly play a new game, with the new addictive main theme!
- Go through the game with carefully selected area themes, each with it's distinct mood and feel!
- Get your adrenaline up with improved and well-fitting combat tracks!
- Dance in the clubs to tracks that each reflects the character of the place -or of its owners!
- Tired of talk radio? Try the new midnight frequencies playing old dub, funk & electro!
- Go through places like the Giovanni stronghold and the Society of Leopold to a new eerie theme!
- Hear an uncompromising indie performance at the Empire Arms Hotel!
- There's even a new end theme - with a harder industrial edge fitting the bleakness of it all!

Read about VTMB Music Mod 1.0 on -with download link.

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