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The Kung Fu Kingdom Title Track. Give your ears a break from hearing nothing, and give them something!

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For those of you with ears, you can now listen to the Kung Fu Kingdom title track! WOO!

For those of you without ears, that must be rough. Maybe you have like, super vision though. KUNG FU VISION. I'm not sure what that means.

This music was heavily inspired by 80's martial arts television shows, like "Kung Fu: The Legend Continues". We here at GorillaTac don't take ourselves too seriously, and Kung Fu Kingdom is a humorous game, so Cleveland Bledsoe Jr., who composed this masterful piece, wanted to express that through the music we are adding to the game.


so how whould you go about puting that into a game?
coz it sounds good.
Whould you split it up in samples and asosiate it with hapenings?
Im just curius coz there isn't enogh in heredb about music in games...(check out the film ghost dog get some more old schooll inspiration from the riza.}
though you might have already...

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GorillaOne Author

Hey Anni,

You are totally right, music is super important to any game, but is one of those areas that is easy to ignore or put off until it is too late.

To put music in the game you can either write your own code, which is a lot of work if you consider not just playing, but starting, stopping, fading, pausing, transitioning, etc, or you can use pre-existing code. We are using the Irrklang ( Once we plugged this code into the game, it was easy to send the music commands just like any other digital player, sort of.

This is the title track, so it will play during the main menu and what not - since you are interested, I'll write up a post tomorrow about how we are going to have music work in the rest of the game.


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