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New Multiplayer Video is Out! Featuring a lot of awesome things :D

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New Multiplayer Video is Out!

Well, first off, what a video! The new multiplayer looks absolutely awesome and it's good to see a capture the flag game mode included in Modern Warfare 2. The video gives huge insights into how certain perks will work as well as revealing more of the customizable kill streaks shown in the first multiplayer video.

So, where to begin? Firstly we'll give a general overview of what can be found in the video. Then we'll go into second by second analysis and finish off with some speculation the new Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer trailer creates.

General Overview

1) Capture the flag game mode is included in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer.
2) New faction is revealed- the emblem is a red hand.
3) Car bombs and airstrikes make a return.
4) More customizable kill streaks- 4 kills for an airdrop, 5 for a predator missile.
5) Personalised "soldier profiles" (not the official description) displayed for each kill, plus game related updates in the top right corner.
6) More detailed but watery blood to represent health depletion.
7) Throwing knives as a Perk 1
8) Host migration

Featured Guns:
(Thanks to Blashemer for these)
SCAR (0:00 - Gun being held before video even starts)
RPD (0:29 - On the ground)
SCAR-H (0:35 - Weapon pick up)
MP5K (0:47 - Weapon pick up)
AUG HBAR (0:49 - Weapon pick up)
AA-12 (0:59 - Weapon pick up)
UMP45 w/ Extended Mag (1:03 - Weapon pick up)
TAR21 FMJ (1:06 - Weapon pick up)
USP .45 (1:12 - Player pulls it out)
TDI Kriss (1:38 - Weapon being used)
Barrett .50 Cal (1:38 - Sniper on the ridge)

Featured Kill Streak Rewards:

3- Kills UAV (0:46)
4- Kills Airdrop (0:54)
5- Kills Predator Missile (0:55)
?- Kills airstrike (0:33)
11- Kills AC-130 (0:16)

Featured Perks:
Riot shield (0:18)
AT4 missile launcher (1:06)
Dual attachments (1:39)
Throwing knife (1:39)

Featured "Soldier profile" titles:
Suppressor (0.25)
FNG (0:27)
Silent Veteran (0:31)
Surgical (0:43)
Armed and Dangerous (0:52)
Sgt. (0:54)
The Specialist (0:55)
BOOM! Headshot (1:14)
My name is... (1:50)

Second by second analysis

  • 0:17- Brazillian slums map, medium to close quarters combat. New faction shown- red hand emblem, possibly Brazillian Militia, player using SCAR.
  • 0:22- AC-130 kill icon shown, Car bomb kill icon shown, Car bomb confirmed
  • 0:25- Team kill streaks featured in the top right corner, personalised "soldier profiles", "Suppressor" title revealed.
  • 0:27- Capture the flag confirmed, SAS emblem shown on the flag, "Grabbing Flag" takes time, "Flag Runner" gives fifty points for taking the flag, game updates concerning the flag feature in the top right corner, "FNG" title revealed.
  • 0:29- An RPD is seen lying on the floor
  • 0:31- "Soldier profiles" appear for each enemy that is killed, bottom centre of the screen, "Silent Veteran" title revealed.
  • 0:33-0.40- Airstrike confirmed, planes shown on the mini-map.
  • 0:35- SCAR-H "Bling" pickup- Bling being an unknown attachment or camo.
  • 0:43- "Soldier profile" shown, "Surgical" title revealed.
  • 0:46- 3 Kill streak, UAV confirmed
  • 0:47- MP5K pickup, player swaps to the MP5K.
  • 0:48- AUG HBAR Bling pickup, "plain clothed" teammate jumps into view, further confirmation of a militia type faction.
  • 0:52- "Soldier profile" shown, "Armed and Dangerous" title revealed, flag status for both enemy and player's team, displayed top right.
  • 0:54- "Soldier profile" shown, "Sgt." title revealed, 4 kill streak reward "Airdrop", unknown effects, realistic blood demonstrated.
  • 0:55- "Soldier profile" shown, "The Specialist" title revealed, 5 kill streak reward "Predator Missile", unknown effects.
  • 0:59- AA-12 pickup
  • 1:03- UMP45 pickup, extended magazine attachment confirmed, riot shield kill.
  • 1:06- TAR21 FMJ pickup
  • 1:12- Player swaps to a USP .45
  • 1:14- "Soldier profile" shown, "BOOM! Headshot" title revealed.
  • 1:15- Unknown explosive kill in the kill list, possibly a predator missile.
  • 1:16- "+100" for killing a player holding a riot shield.
  • 1:18- "+250" for capturing the flag, game status update top right, 1 point in overall game score, score limit unknown.
  • 1:39- Op-For faction confirmed, large desert map (Afghanistan), player is using the Kriss with dual attachments- red dot and silencer, throwing knife assigned to left D-pad, throwing knives are Perk 1. Sniper using a Barrett 50. cal on the ridge.
  • 1:42-1:48- Host migration confirmed, small interruption to gameplay, relatively quick.
  • 1:50- Throwing knives demonstrated- instant kill, "Buzzkill" reward shown "+175", "Soldier profile" shown, "My name is..." title revealed.
  • 1:51- Challenge completed along with fanfare "Bullseye", challenge icon, no points.

Airdrops: Now this 4 streak reward is a tricky one as its purpose is so vague. The most obvious idea for an airdrop would be to drop in supplies of ammo in a crate via parachute. But how would this be implemented? Would there be a separate crate for each team member or would there be just the one for whoever called it in? What's to stop the enemy from running over and stealing your ammo? Also, if you call in an airdrop and die immediately, getting to the ammo would be near impossible. Perhaps the chutes automatically find each player on the team and restock them with bullets. Another, less plausible, thought is that airdrop leads to choice spawning for teammates- when they die they will parachute to their chosen location on the map, however parachuting would require an addition to the game engine that would be quite pointless for multiplayer only. Another piece of evidence against player dropping is the icon assigned to the D-pad looks like a crate or package as opposed to a person.

Predator missiles: It is unclear whether predator missiles replace airstrikes as the 5 kill streak reward or whether there is a choice between them. The Predator missile is similar to an airstrike in the sense that it's an aerial based attack. The two rewards are probably interchangable as airstrikes have low accuracy but a wide range and predator missiles are, in reality, more accurate but have less of a damage radius.

Factions: It appears that the red hand emblem represents a Brazillian militia group. This is backed up by the combat taking place in the slums and the varied costumes the players are wearing. The opposing team in the video are TF141, part of the SAS. This suggests there is SAS involvement in the single player story for the two factions to be fighting each other. This is also backed up by the leaked single player footage of Soap and Roach in Rio de Janeiro. This would further suggest that the red hand faction are antagonists of the game. Futhermore, it seems there are at least five factions confirmed so far- SAS, Rangers, Op-For, Spetsnaz, Brazillian Militia- so it is likely there is still one extra team to be revealed to make it an even six.

"Soldier Profiles": The detailed description of who you have just killed, affectionately dubbed "soldier profiles" at, are a very interesting and unique addition to the game. It is unclear what purpose they serve but they appear to be comprised of an avatar, a custom title, a custom title background and the player name and rank. It is unknown how these avatars are earned or if they are uploaded from the player's PSN account (new premium and free avatars are expected soon on the PS Store). It is also a mystery how the user titles are earned- possibly they are similar to challenges with "Suppressor" relating to silencer kills, "Surgical" relating to revives and so on. The backgrounds appear to be linked to the titles so they may not be customisable. The "soldier profiles" are certainly something to be excited about for the final product as they have the potential to incorporate a comprehensive clan system effectively.

So that's it for the analysis of such a hectic and completely mind-blowing multiplayer video, it's certainly got us here at pumped for the release of Modern Warfare 2. A big thanks to all those who contributed in the comments section to help speed up with the analysis, as always your feedback is greatly appreciated. Please keep the comments coming to notify of anything we missed in the analysis or any speculation you have about the multiplayer features.

So there you have's full analysis of the "Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Gameplay Uncut: Flag Runner" video. Don't forget to stay tuned to for your daily fix of all the latest Modern Warfare 2 news & info.

Lets all say a big thanks to the page for getting these updates the first second they'r released :D



OMFG...AWESOME.... that guy is pretty good :]

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