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Instead of 3 classes there are now 10 classes and more will come! You can be a Knight, Coldbringer, Archer, Tank, Shocker, Druid, Fire mage amongst others. And you can choose two of them in any combination you want! Many new abilities for each class have been added as well.

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New multi class system
The new class system features 10 classes instead of the old 3 ones. You now start by choosing a base class which is warrior, mage or hunter to later upgrade them as soon as you reach the first village. A second class can be chosen as well to enable many different choices of gameplay.

New fun abilities
Many new abilities have been added for each class. Amongst regular projectiles, AoE spells there are also some fun pvp abilities like the "Nature cloak" ability for the Druid, which let's you turn into a bush in order to ambush other players. There is "Flash steps" which let's a player teleport anywhere on the screen in order to escape enemies. "Thrust" which makes the player pierce through several enemies in order to land behind them for either an escape or backstab. Make wooden stubs grow up from the ground in order to stop your prey from escaping.

Finally a working mini-map has been added to the game, which will make the pirate life a bit more easier.

Day and night
Another update is night-time! As the night falls upon the world of Blue Saga, special spawns appear and you can play around with the fireflies that will follow you around in the dark.

Gameplay changes
No more waiting for resting anymore. Now you can rest anytime, directly after battles. Gathering food is instant now as well. Classes and levels have been balansed better so pvp is more fair.

I am real happy that more than a 100 players are above level 15 now!

More updates will come! Hope to see you online!

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