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News post detailing new MP Match "snippet" videos featuring approximately 20-30 seconds of raw gameplay footage. More (and likely longer) videos are planned for a later date.

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Hey folks, there's now some new MP Match "snippet" videos up on the videos tab. Shot from two matches in Noxious Factory Zone and Tidal Palace Zone, these videos feature approximately 20-30 seconds of raw gameplay footage each, ranging from fast-paced indoor combat to just running around grabbing weapons. The product of simply loading up Fraps in the middle of a match, I hope these help convey the speed and intensity of multiplayer combat. Since rings are both the source of your ammo and health, blindly firing in circles can quickly lead to your death, as shown with my unfortunate victims in the first Indoor Combat video. This system rewards players with excellent reflexes while also encouraging sharp on-the-fly tactics.

More gameplay videos featuring CTF, Coop, Race and whatever other gamemodes come up in my time online are planned at a later date. Stay tuned!

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