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I was able to implement a fairly flexible move class that allows me to create custom attacks.

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Attacks have an animation, a possible direction with radius, power, distinguishable from air attacks, and distinguishable from what I call "bulldoze" attacks, which means the attack provides some loving damage until a condition is met, i.e. the condition of the flying kick is to dish out damage to contacts until the player is no longer airborne. I have even included an important delay that allows damage to be dealt in sync with the animation. The delays are very annoying though and sometimes create the feeling of stiff controls, so I'm going to keep working on it.

This is a round house kick, which can be activated by getting to your 4th combo (last one) and doing a jump kick. I used the flying kick sprite so, close enough.

Please excuse the frame rate, it was the recorder. It also exasperated the stiff game play I mentioned.

I'll try to have more content for more news, it's just that this was mostly about the programming.

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