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Having too many bugs with the current interface, I decided, after receiving notice of many players, creating a more friendly interface.

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It finalized and being tested before publication!

I have deleted the long left-clicking, multiple ways of acting and combining interfaces, which return objects in the inventory without action've accomplished, names of objects or action remaining hanging on the cursor despite the change of environment or objects in hand.

A single interface has now been developed. Now, the system is much simpler and is finally stable.

In summary :

-The Overview of the object with the mouse cursor shows the name of the object and the possible action at the time of rollover. A left click valid action.
- A right click on the object activates its review or just loose the object if it is in hand.

The type of action when mouseover may change depending on what the player has done such actions on it. These changes impact on stability make the gameplay much better, both in the environment than in the inventory From this change, when you now have an inventory item in hand, it remains active as long as you did not click with the right button to let go, or that the action was successful and that the object is no longer available.

Concerning the evolution of the final version, all the parts is over 80%. Small delay due to the embedding of the voices. I try to respect the exit end of this year or early 2016.

Thank you all

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