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Worst movie ever !!! I'm not joking it really is that bad.

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You know a lot of movies are bad but it's not the reason hate them.Lets take the power rangers for example. Yes the effects are horoble but it's still pretty fun to watch.
But this is different.This is the worst movie i have ever seen !!! I admit that the effects wore WAY better but the writing was really, really bad. Let me explain...
All vampires are EMO "there even was a scene where one of the main characters talks about killing himself O_o"
There is a Lot of talking. And it's start's to get really boring really fast. "It supposed to be a ACTION movie for pete sake !!!"
The action parts wore really, really boring. "I mean all they did was running. They was just 2-3 hits in a whole fight and they won't really that good."
There IS A LOT OF MONSTERS and they don't do anything cool :( "It's just like making a movie where all the bad guy's don't do nothing but play Poker"
The idea of putting vampires in high school and making them emo is honorable. There was a scene
where one of the characters was sayng that zombie and robot movies wore boring and wore sayng that the vampire movies are the best of the best. And that's so wrong.
I mite say much more but i got bored and stooped watching the movie.
So new New Moon gets the score of 2/1O.

I, personally, hate it so much, that at the sight of the commercial, I turn off the T.V. Too much to bare. The effects stink, the acting was stupid, the writing was horrible, and they got practically all the facts wrong.

Vampires being SHINY in the dark? Werewolves turning into their wolf selves - not only not at the full moon - but also, at their own will, and they can control it. I mean, they actually, made the vampire READ MINDS.

I agree with Morshu that the watchers of these movies have no taste, and that, not only most MOVIES, but for a long time, also the cartoons I love, were replaced by the most HORRIBLE cartoons ever.

I actually like Charmed, though, but I think they need a lot of improvement. Especially the later stages. Avatar was OK, but it also needs a lot of improvement. The worst thing about it is their animating method...They were LAZY, and a lot of times it seemed very unrealistic.

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Absolutely nothing to say about Twilight at all. Except this: Horrible, Diarrhea Inducing, and Seizure Erupting Suckiness. Good Day.

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Quoted for truth. Sucks worse than a ***** with AIDS.

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