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New Units available NATO is rearming for a counter attack!

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New Models:

Today new Models arrived, what do we have got?

NATO - Headquarter

The most important building for all NATO countries like in Spring 1944 it will be spawned at the beginning of every game session/round. It features for the first time an upgrade to one of the NATO members. After such an upgrade you're able to make use of all the structures this member have.


This structure can detect everything which is evil in its radius. Planes, Tanks, Infantery pretty much everything except Units with stealth ability.

NATO - Dozer

This Unit can build up structures. It cant setup buildings but it can build. This Unit is produced by the Headquarter.

NATO - Drone

This is the Barracuda Drone its able to spy the enemy. And can do attacks on infantery or tanks as well as planes.

You can find some screenshots in the Gallery

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