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In This article you hear about the mid-february update

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hello everyone,

Voting has been closed because I think that it was obvious that Interdictor C won the competition, and the Jedi Civil War has been choosen as the era of this mod---mabye when there are more Great Galatic Civil War models I'll make a mod for the Great Galatic Civil War, but thats another story. Any ways the reason for this post is the update.


  • HEROS-yes, yes. but remember, that ground heros still need to be added.
  • NEW SHIPS-I went digging in the AOSW_JCW models folder, and I reskinned a few units. See my best one in the picture gallery
  • ICONS-ships have Icons, yay!
  • RELIANCE-He's back, and he isn't a solid colour turd anymore.
  • NEW PROJECTILES-those of you that have played RoTM should be familiar with them--thanks Farseer.
  • HUTTS ARE GONE- who needed those fat slugs anyways...
  • RESCALED UNITS- giant globs of fighters no longer spawn out of ships.
  • NEW MENU BATTLE- might lag on older computers.
  • SHADOW IS GONE- the Mandalorians now have to work for their victories.
  • GALACTIC CONQUEST IS WORKING- now you can conquer the galaxy...

well thats all of the new changes. I'm putting some eye-candy in the gallery.

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