Given hat I am planning on coding in Hutts and Black Sun as playable (And fully functional in later releases), A host of new models has been secured; some for These factions, and others for the old ones.

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Models secured for use:
7 different Republic-Era corvettes (Hutts, Black Sun)
Dagger Starfighters, Morningstar A fighters, Morningstar B fighters, Dianoga bombers (Consortium, Hutts)
Red October Class blastboat (Black Sun, Consortium)
Havoc, Freefall, Bloodstar (Black Sun)
Gozanti Frigate (Black Sun, Hutts, Rebels)
Infinity Corvette (Consortium)
Victory-II Destroyer (Empire)
Assault Frigate MK-III (Rebels)
Hyena Bomber (Consortium)
Interceptor-II frigate (Consortium)
T65A3 X-Wing (Rebels)
MC30d frigate (Rebels)
And that is all I'll spoil (Right now)
NOTE: Land modding will be hit after all space issues are finished.

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