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New Mod in development called 'Energy Transfer'! We hope it'll blow your mind!

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Hello, StasConstantine here. You probably all know about games Portal and it's sequel; Portal 2. Those two games take gaming to a new level! They aren't just regular FPS, they are also brain boggling puzzles, well for some...
Those two games gave me an idea; a game with a secret technology researching lab, and a test subject! What should the test subject test though? At first I thought of a device similar to a gravity gun, it send a ray that pushes things away from the player, or he can pick up objects. That idea seemed ridicules.
So I came up with something better; Energy manipulation! Now I only think, think of what kind of testing elements there should be. More information will be posted on the summary page of my mod, it will be in a format of a letter sent to the test subject and will be slowly uncovered every day.

Have fun doing what ever you were before reading this or what you will do after reading this.


Nice. Manipulating Energy itself.

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