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hey you all!, im starting working on a Hearts of iron 4 shinra mod called Shin-Ra Rising.

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hey you all!, im starting working on a Hearts of iron 4 shinra mod called Shin-Ra Rising,

you can get the first version on steam workshop:


Somewhere on the south area of Nationalist China, a military manufacturer known as Shin-Ra Inc has emerged and claimed territory for it's own. The shin-ra company has discovered a powerfull power source called MAKO Energy, with that they made a powerfull army and researched advanced technology, noone knows this secret and now they are about to conquer the world, will you help them, destroy them or be them?, May this Country change the course of War and the world?.

this mod its still very WIP so don't spect too much atm :)

also this is my first mod on Hearts of iron 4 and still learning.

ONLY Playable on English.


Actual Features as of version 0.1:

-New Country: Shinra Company.
-New focus tree for shinra (still wip, uses defaul layout, some effects changed).
-New ideas (ministers etc) for Shinra. (Material Designer Still wip)
-New Commanders/marshals for shinra.
-Start date its now 1933.
-New loading screens.
-New intro music.
-Basic 1936 oob for shinra.
-Oob for earylt Reinforcement.

Future plans:
-Complete the focus tree.
-New ideas.
-National Spirits.
-Add new equiment.
-Add new techs.
-Expand tech up to 1980.
-New events.
-New Oobs.
-Maybe new models for shinra (not promised ).
-Translate to spanish (in far future)

thank you all for your support.

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