Post news RSS New media released over at the images page!!

New media released over at the images page!! go check it out!

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Go check it out on the images page!

A short gameplay video will be up soon.

I plan to release the demo as the Attic level. keep an eye open for it.

Some basic elements of gameplay include:

going into a dark room without the lights on(flashlights DO NOT count) will result in you being eaten.

Little to no heavy guns combat; you will encounter some monsters in the dark but you don't get a combat shotgun. The heaviest weaponry you'll get is a pistol. That and your trusty crowbar surmise your arsenal. Ammo for the pistol is rare and health is even rarer, so ration your supplies wisely or before long the monsters will be rationing portions of your delicious flesh out.


Easter eggs!

Also, how many of you think there should be dream sequences(see afraid of monsters for a VERY good example and mod)?

In other news, I've been working on the attic where you begin, making it look more old and uncared for. Enjoy the screenies!

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