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Here is a quick update to let you know how we are progressing on Fallen: A2P Protocol. We just updated our framework to Unity 5 And we are currently working to implement 2 new missions/maps

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Hey there,

Just a quick update to tell you a few things about how we are progressing here, at Red Katana.

Migration to Unity 5
First of all, we migrated the project to Unity 5. This was pretty smooth and it didn´t took as much time as we expected, so that is a good news. The new Unity has a lot of improvements such as lighting, shadows, performance, etc. so we are already taking advantage of this features on Fallen: A2P Protocol.

New Maps/Missions
Secondly we are working right now on 2 new missions/maps, following our pipeline of content. Here is a sneak peak of them:

Can you imagine what type of missions you will have to do in this places?

Well, that´s all for now, we are expecting to do another major update around June 4th, so stay tuned for more news coming soon...

And please don´t forget to help us spread the word, so more people join our AWESOME community, and collaborate to deliver a better game together.

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