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This week I have created a character creation screen and added two new maps!

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It’s your boy Kyle back with a new update on Pixelot.

In the Character Creation Screen you have the choice of 4 classes (will be 6 later), male or female, 3 different hair styles for each, and either blonde, brunette, dark brown, grey, or black hair! You can also input your very own name into your character!

The first map I created is the starting zone, a mysterious cave where you first enter the world of Pixelot! No spoilers yet, but once i implement scripting there will be some dialogue to explain the world of Pixelot and the story! The big thing about this map is that i finally implemented transitioning from one map to another. As you can see the character exits the cave and enters the South Wood! The second map that I created is the first town, Luma!

Luma stands as a pillar of light in a world that is slowly but surely being consumed by darkness. There are 4 main buildings in Luma. The first is the Ranger’s Tower, where rangers keep a lookout for enemies coming into the town. You will enter this fortress to train before heading out to the first dungeon! The second is the Town Hall. Here you will speak to the Elder who will explain much to you. The next building is the Potion Shop. Here you can buy potions and elixirs to restore health, cure status ailments, and even death! Finally you have the Smithy, where you can purchase weapons and armor (at least you will be able to!).

Another big accomplishment is adding different sprites to the Overworld. This means when you turn left, you character turns left, when you go up, your character turns up. I think this adds a little more realism to the game and makes it easier to tell when a character is a boy or a girl! Finally I’ve put a lot of work into balancing enemies and scaling them to your level (up to a certain level) and balancing out the XP and Gold that they award.

Next up on my list is creating an interface where you can actually buy and sell things from the shop. After that I’m looking to creating some scripts to actually get the story rolling!

For the latest updates about Pixelot please check out my Twitter!

As always, let me know what you guys think and if you have any suggestions!

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